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Masseria Falasarna

Welcome to Creta !

An exclusive villa to rent in an olive grove
A gulet for an amazing cruise

Renting the villa

Masseria Falasarna


Cruise on our gulet

Make your stay unforgettable with an incredible sailing cruise in our seas of the west and south of Crete, still untouched by tourist traffic!

Little house on the Olive grove ...
our passion for olive oil

Who are we ?

We come from France and Italy, and discovered Crete in 1989, being young adults. We then came to Creta every 3 to 4 years with our children, and it became obvious for us : To realize our « Mediterranean » dream, to build an authentic house made of local stones, which would be called "Masseria Falasarna".

Masseria Falasarna ... an agricultural dream: the villa is located in the middle of Koreneiki olive groves, which produce the green gold of Cretan people, the famous extra virgin olive oil of Crete. We produce a small quantity with our 50 olive trees. Furthermore, we select the best oils to export them to Europe.

Masseria Falasarna ... a dream of construction : among the different civilizations who have lived on the island, There was one who has left beautiful architectural marks, The Venitian people, for instance in the old Port of Chania … We have been inspired by them and have built exclusively with local stones, giving our Masseria the feeling that it has always been there...

Masseria Falasarna ... a touristic dream: it is located on a hill overlooking the extraordinary beach of Falasarna, one of the most remarkable beaches of all the Mediterranean sea. Its extremely clear waters and shades of blue will enchant you. Its west-facing position allows you to have a spectacular sunset. The lagoons of Balos and Elafonissi can be reach easily by car, as well as the capital of the region, the city of Chania.

Masseria Falasarna ... a dream of well being: far from the tourist tumult, you will find calm, luxury and pleasure ... especially with the famous Cretan diet, most of the time made of organic local products.


Cristian Leduc

Manager Masseria Falasarna


Our passion for olive oil.

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