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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure KORENEIKI olive juice, the extra virgin olive oil from Crete is a treasure for the taste buds and the health. A few km from the Masseria Falasarna, we still find trees that are more than 2500 years old, realize! We produce a small quantity with our 50 olive trees, to leave it to the pleasure of the hosts of the Masseria. Furthermore, we select the best oils to offer them to_cc781905-5cde-31583-bbd_bad5 our customers Europe.
Extra virgin olive oil, a real passion !
Cristian Leduc, owner of Masseria Falasarna, is passionate about extra virgin olive oil. Fine connoisseur and graduated from the Italian school "ONAOO" as an "olive oil taster", he offers for sale a selection of the best local oils!

We freely offer our guests in Villa Masseria Falasarna our own production for their culinary delights.


We offer for sale, an extra virgin olive oil BIO, selected by us from small producers, harvest 2016/17.



We can, on request, you ship it to France where we have a small stock.


Prices excluding shipping costs:

Bottle 5l-50 € Bottle 50 cl-10 €

Bottle 10 cl-4 €

Once gathered in the nets, they are packed in large airy burlap bags to prevent fermentation. They can weigh up to 60 kg!

Harvest of 22 and 23 November 2017

The olives are ready! it is high time to pick them! We install at dawn nets and automatic combs ...

Our 50 olive trees gave us 8 bags of olives for a little more than 320kg ... but how much oil?

With my friend Fotis, today my teacher, we went to the cooperative of Platanos village to extract a pure olive juice!

Coopérative Oleïcole Platanos
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For our first harvest, we got 84 liters! Our extra virgin olive oil is waiting for our future guests in the dining room of Villa Masseria Falasarna!

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